Heartsong Drums

Discover the healing power of shamanic drumming and journeying with Heartsong Drums.  Learn how to work with your guides, listen to your intuition and connect with the earth. Under my group Heartsong drums, I facilitate shamanic drumming and journeying circles, and drum-making workshops, and I use the power of poetry to delve inside for personal growth and self-learning. I organise events in Pembrokeshire and West Wales at sacred sites. 

I also make frame drums for sale. Drums are made to order according to your requirements, in connection with spirit and in ceremony. I use ethically sourced hides and frames, and where possible, use UK suppliers to connect to the spirits of our own ancestors and our rich land. Hides and frames from other indigenous and ethical suppliers are also sometimes available. Samples of my work can be seen in my Etsy shop HEARTSONG DRUMS and below.

If you would like to birth a drum or have a drum made, please use the contact form to open a discussion with Alistair about your requirements. Hides regularly available are mainly from the UK – Red Stag. Fallow Deer, Horse, Cow, and from ethical suppliers overseas, when available, Buffalo, Reindeer, Cow. Frames are available in various sizes from 12″ to 22″. Choose from a selection including Indigenous Red Oak and Birch, Welsh Ash, Welsh Cedar, English Oak, English Mulberry.

20″ Buffalo Hide Drum on a Welsh Ash frame
Back, intricate weaving work to create cross handles on a 20″ Buffalo Hide drum
Drums birthed July 2021, using Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Goat and Buffalo hides, and frames of Red Oak, English Oak, Cedar, Welsh Ash

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