Voice Coaching and Vocal Therapy

Do you sing… do you want to sing?  Do you have this urge to find your voice?  Or perhaps you simply need to modify the tonality of your voice. Whatever the reason, I can assist you to develop your voice for presentations and performances, or simply to help you build confidence, self-esteem and to walk in your power!

What if I told you that anyone can sing?

Yes, anyone.  That means you.. and you.. and even you.  Anyone can sing to the best of their ability.  Singing nourishes the soul.  It spreads happiness out from ourselves. It’s almost impossible to sing and not feel happy from that act.  Anyone can sing. But we can all improve our singing ability, and that’s where I come in! I believe everyone should sing as individuals and not as clones of other singers. I can help you to explore and develop your own style and individuality, and I teach all ages and abilities.

I will teach you to sing with confidence, focusing on building your knowledge and awareness of breath and the voice. Whether you want to sing for fun or professionally, I can help you get the best out of yourself. I teach vocal techniques – based on good breath support and resonance, voice strengthening, and expanding the vocal register.

I studied classical singing, Lieder and Opera, mainly in the Italian style, but have sung a wide variety of styles from opera to jazz, rock, pop, musicals, acapella and close harmony, to pantomime. I mainly teach 1:1 but can also teach small groups and choirs.  I’m happy to work with you to achieve whatever YOU want to achieve.

I work with voices of all kinds – from professional singers and voice workers, people new to singing and voice training. My background is in professional singing and classical voice training, with over 30 years of voice coaching experience. I hold performance and teaching qualifications from Colchester Institute, The Royal Academy of Music, and Trinity College London. Adding my extensive therapy work to this and my drive to help you find your authentic voice, I am confident that whatever the issue is with your voice, I can help.

Singing work is 1:1 in person only in North Carmarthenshire. I can work with voice therapy work, spoken voice coaching, presentation work, trans voice placement work and authentic voice work online.

Authentic Voice

I work with people who don’t feel their voice is heard. When we find our authentic voice and are unafraid to let it be heard, we can walk in our true power and strength. Sometimes people have lost their voice, or maybe they don’t feel heard, or are undergoing vocal changes, voice damage or Trans clients whose voices are changing as they align themselves physically to their true self. I can help people to find their authentic voice using a range of therapeutic techniques, spiritual techniques and vocal training.  

How I Can Help You

Online Presentation CoachingDeveloping Your Singing Voice
Getting Your Message AcrossVocal Training
Gender and Trans Voice placementConcert/Exam Training
Training Your Inner VoiceVoice Care
Finding Your Authentic Voice Advanced Voice Presentation Skills

Email me at: alistair@diversemind.co.uk