Holistic Psychodynamic Therapist

Alistair is a holistic psychodynamic therapist working in West Wales and via zoom. Alistair’s objective is to assist his clients in the journey of growth to fulfil their true potential and embrace their authentic selves

Who is Alistair?

I am a certified, fully insured and accredited hypnotherapist and counsellor, working holistically and drawing on years of learning in person-centered holistic, motivational and personal development counselling.

I use several tools, including Hypnotherapy, Regression, Family Constellation Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Mindfulness Coaching and Gender, Sexuality, and Relationship Diversities theory. These tools aim to root out issues stemming from adverse childhood events, life experiences and trauma, and work to mitigate their effects which can lead to a negative self-image in adulthood. I want to help you to start loving yourself the way you were always meant to, and I will help you every step of the way to achieve that.

Start over. Learn to love yourself
the way you were always meant to…

I believe in continuous learning and as such have returned to counselling study. Already qualified and accredited in Hypnotherapy and to Level 4 in Counselling, with various other CPD trainings, and so able to work safely and ethically within the UK Hypnotherapy and the UK Counselling Society frameworks, I decided to pursue a BACP accredited qualification to degree level, and as such, to comply with the BACP framework, I currently class myself as a student counsellor in order to pursue further study. This does not reflect 9 years of working with hypnosis and counselling and the experience and skills I hold in helping you to achieve your therapeutic goals.

I am also a GSRD trainer, having completed the Gender, Sex, Relationship Diversities trainer training with Pink Therapies. I work compassionately and confidently with LGBTQ+, alternative relationship models (ENM, Polyam), with gender questioning and trans clients, and with kink relationships and power exchange relationship dynamics, providing a safe and non-judgemental space by also having lived experience in these communities.

Individual Therapy and Coaching

How long?

I offer a free 20-minute assessment, with a focus on ascertaining whether we are a good ft for therapy, understanding the needs and aims of your therapy and devising a client therapy plan, followed by regular sessions in person or via zoom as required. ​Individual sessions are 1 hour, or more depending on the therapeutic need and the presenting issues to be addressed, and costs will reflect the time booked, based on £60 per hour, pro rata. Concessions are available for low-income clients and clients experiencing hardship – please ask if you are on low income or receive UC/benefits.


I can provide one-to-one hypnotherapy and counselling, either in person in West Wales, or anywhere online, wherever you are, and also I can provide family constellations group sessions in person, location to be agreed between us. Currently, I work safely, and almost exclusively, on zoom and telephone.

What past clients say…

“I thought I understood what I was going to get out of therapy when I first approached Alistair. But he, very gently and respectfully, blew my expectations away. He supported me totally and completely, whilst at the same time, challenging me when he knew I needed it”

S, Client for 10 months who came for help navigating their mental wellbeing and emotional dysregulation

I’m now at a point where I don’t need my past destructive behaviours as coping strategies but I have enough self-respect now to know I deserve better. I’m proud of myself, and I am happy. Properly happy. Not in a manic intense trauma-bonded way or in a way that relies on another human or an orgasm or 6 beers. I’m peacefully content and happy within myself and my life and I never thought I’d ever say that

R, Long-term client. Help with neurodivergence, emotional dysregulation, self-esteem and creating healthy polyamorous relationships

“He [Alistair] is a very skilled communicator. I will forever be incredibly grateful for Alistair, his infinite patience and his guidance. He provided me with the skills to change my own life for the better and to find a peace within myself that I’ve never known before.”

V, Long term client